Apr 25, 2018

We're Done!!!

Dave and I are officially done, you can print out your grids!!!! An interesting tidbit is that we again posted more gigs than the previous year. We posted 1802 artists/bands at 759 shows this year. Everyone have an incredible Jazz Fest!!!!!



Apr 16, 2018

Jazz Fest is Almost Here!!!

Jazz Fest is just around the corner which means Dave and my work is almost done. If you have any new submissions to the grids or any modifications, please let us know by Sunday April 22nd. We hope everyone has the best Jazz Fest ever!!!!!

Jan 16, 2018

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back to Jazzfestgrids.com, the best site to plan out your jazz fest nights to see all the amazing musicians that New Orleans has to offer. Haber and I are glad to be back.

I’m pleased to let everyone know that we have started populating the grids, which means Jazz Fest 2018 is just around the corner!

We will be adding shows to the grids once they have been confirmed. We will do our best, but we all know that no matter how many times we check there will be many changes so don't get upset if you don't see something up there, if it is listed wrong, if it conflicts with something else that's listed on another site - because it's all subject to change at a moment's notice. If you see something that needs to be revised or should be added, shoot me an email using the link to the left to papagrowsnyc at gmail dot com.

Happy gridding!!!!

Papagrowsnyc (Neil)
Haber (Dave)

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