Aug 09, 2021

Everyone be well as we suspend population of The Grids due to the cancellation of the October Jazz Festival

As Jazz Fest has officially announced the cancellation of the October Festival, and that it is rescheduled for the Spring of 2022, we will suspend population of The Grids at this time. We look forward to Festive times in the Spring when we will of course update The Grids and provide details on all of the shows!

Please remember to support, in any way you can, all of the great musicians, venues, promoters, restaurants, bars and everyone else closely affected by this news. Although some shows will unfortunately be cancelled, many shows will still be taking place. Check venue and band sites to confirm the show as our support is greatly needed.

Neil and I wish you and yours good health and peace.



May 06, 2021

Are you ready for Jazzfest 2021? !!!!

Welcome back to the Nearly World Famous Jazz Fest Grids!, the most complete site to plan out your Jazz Fest nights, helps guide you where to see and hear all of the amazing musicians New Orleans has to offer during the 14 nights of Jazz Fest over both weekends. Remember to help support local New Orleans musicians and take advantage of the opportunity to see some of the greatest artists in the world in NOLA!

Neil and I intended on taking a slow approach to populating the Grids, just to make sure the October 2021 Fest is on. Once the first few night shows were announced, we couldn't resist asking that the Grids be cleared so we can get the information out to everyone! Once cleared, in the very near future, we will populate the grids on an almost daily basis up until the beginning of Jazz Fest 2021!

For those of you using the grids for the first time . . We will be adding shows to the grids once they have been confirmed. We will do our best, but we all know that no matter how many times we check there will be many changes so don't get upset if you don't see something up there, if it is listed wrong, if it conflicts with something else that's listed on another site - because it's all subject to change at a moment's notice. If you see something that needs to be revised or should be added, shoot us an email using the link to the left at

Please be reminded that the contents of this site are a collaborative effort among the Threadheads, you cannot copy it for your own website (but you may link to ours with our permission) and you cannot use the contents for articles, the development of apps, websites or other technology.

In addition, if you are interested in finding out more information about the Threadhead Cultural Foundation you can find it here We are not affiliated with the N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival, their information can be found on

We hope everyone is well & ready to FEST LIVE in NOLA!!!!

- Dave & Neil

Mar 19, 2020


Fellow music lovers,

Neil and I want to begin by wishing you and yours good health and peace during this difficult time.

As Jazz Fest has officially announced that it will reschedule the Festival to the Fall, and many/most night shows will likely be canceled/rescheduled, we are going to suspend updates on the Grids for now. If/when shows are rescheduled for the Fall, we will again update the Grids and provide details of all shows.

Stay well!


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