Apr 18, 2017

A Quick Word . . .

Well, Jazz Fest is finally here next week and Dave and I are about to get a long deserved break. So far over the 15 days of Jazz Fest we have posted 1678 different sets among 743 shows and approximately 65 venues. For those promoters and artists who haven't submitted your shows yet, the last day to submit them is this Thursday April 20th. Also, we just added most of the set times for the Howlin' Wolf shows, so go and check it out. Everyone have an amazing Jazz Fest!!!! If you see Dave and I, say hello and buy us a drink, we will happily accept.


Neil and Dave

Jan 27, 2017

Back and Better than Ever!!!!!

Welcome back to Jazzfestgrids.com, the best site to plan out your jazz fest nights to see all the amazing musicians that New Orleans has to offer. I thought starting the grids up the same day the Jazz Fest Official Announcement hits would be cool tradition. You can check out the Jazz Fest Official Lineup at www.nojazzfest.com.

I’m pleased to let everyone know that we have started populating the grids, which means Jazz Fest 2017 is just around the corner!

For those of you using the grids for the first time . . . We will be adding shows to the grids once they have been confirmed. We will do our best, but we all know that no matter how many times we check there will be many changes so don't get upset if you don't see something up there, if it is listed wrong, if it conflicts with something else that's listed on another site - because it's all subject to change at a moment's notice. If you see something that needs to be revised or should be added, shoot me an email using the link to the left to papagrowsnyc at gmail dot com.

Please be reminded that the contents of this site are a collaborative effort among the Threadheads, you cannot copy it for your own website (but you may link to ours with our permission) and you cannot use the contents for articles, the development of apps, websites or other technology.

In addition, if you are interested in finding out more information about the Threadhead Cultural Foundation you can find it here http://thrfoundation.com.

I would also like to thank Dave (Haber) for adding shows the last few weeks that were announced real early this year! Unbelievably, some shows like JRAD have already sold out. So if you see a show you definitely want to attend, don't procrastinate, get your tickets now.

Finally, Dave and I appreciate all of you out there who send us helpful emails and the wonderful people we have met through our association with the grids.

Hoping everyone has a great Fest this year!

- Neil (Papagrowsnyc)

Apr 21, 2016

Tomorrow it all begins!

Neil and Dave did an absolutely incredible job on the grids website this year!!! Hope that everyone enjoys their stay in the city and has their best jazzfest yet!!!

Just a quick reminder, this website is a product of volunteer labor, some amazing programming, and the absolutely fabulous musicians letting us know about their gigs!!! This site is not affiliated with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation, Inc, or the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival but instead it is a product of the Threadhead Cultural Foundation's . commitment to the music and culture of New Orleans.

Happy JazzFest Everyone!!!!


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