Nola Brewing
3001 Tchoupitoulas St
Thu 4-27
Dominic Lalli (Big Gigantic) Eric "Benny" Bloom (Lettuce) Adam Deitch (Lettuce) Borahm Lee (Break Science) Hunter Roberts
Show: 7 pm
Door : $35.00
"Fest" kickoff starts at 7PM. Craft beer, Seltzer Cocktails, & NYC Style Pizza
Sat 4-29
Show: 9 pm
Doors: 8 pm
Day of show : $35.00
Fri 5-5
Sat 5-6
Hendrix, Heads, and Tails
A Funk Tribute to Jimi Hendrix featuring Terence Higgins, John Medeski, Tony Hall, Ed Williams, Boogie Long and Eric McFadden
a bluegrass tribute to the Talking Heads
Show: 8 pm
Door : $35.00


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